October 11, 2022

Community Computers

We have been commissioned by Coventry City Council and Warwickshire County Council, through the Wellbeing for Life programme, on a scheme to recondition pre-loved laptops & tablets so that they can then be donated to those who are disadvantaged.

Providing a laptop to those who are lacking IT equipment can provide them access to services and support that can otherwise be difficult, if not impossible for many. Since the pandemic we have seen an upturn of more services being available, however many were and have remained only available online.

The scheme so far has donated over 100 devices which has given people the opportunity to access a broad range of services including access to online mental health care support, connecting adult learners to online courses, help for job seekers to find work, support for refugee families to access legal representation. Providing the ability to connect & overcome social isolation can be empowering & even life changing for some individuals.

The service is currently open for applications from Practitioners and Professionals working with vulnerable clients who are:

  • families with children to support on-line learning
  • individuals with mental health needs to access healthcare support on-line
  • individuals who are long term unemployed, needing to job seek on-line
  • projects supporting refugees & asylum seekers

Warwickshire County Council are currently taking applications through this online form.

Maybe you as an individual or business have laptops or tablets that work but you no longer need and would like to donate?  

Your reconditioned old laptop could change a life in Coventry/ Warwickshire. 

(equipment must be in working order and able to run Windows 10)

Please contact us