October 12, 2022

Daouda’s Story

Daouda is an African American man aged 49, married, with no dependents and lives in Coventry. In 2018 he moved from the USA to the UK to be with his wife.  Daouda had been unemployed for 12 months when he joined Accelerate.

He was a teacher in the USA but in Coventry he could only find temporary job roles through agencies.

Daouda has struggled to find a job in his field due to his qualifications not being valid in the UK. He was also struggling to integrate within the community since his arrival in England.  He heard about Accelerate through Hillz FM Radio and found engagement and signing up to the project straight forward with no obvious obstacles.

As an Accelerate participant, Daouda was made aware of and enrolled on a radio training course with Hillz FM which after completing he went on to become a radio presenter hosting his own weekly radio show.  He has become a volunteer member of the stations steering group and recently appointed as vice chair.  Daouda also engaged in the Violence Reduction programme for Hillfields, and the Community Champion Project where he took part in a number of training modules delivered by various training providers including West Midlands Police and Valley House.

These workshops helped to develop his skills and confidence to take up a more active role with in his local community aimed at tackling and reducing violence in the neighbourhood.  Through the radio training, Daouda expanded his knowledge of all aspect of community radio and media including show content, interview skills and an understanding of requirements and guidance from Ofcom about the Radio industry.

As a result of his involvement in community radio, Daouda has developed a professional network of contacts and access to further training opportunities.  If Daouda is able to continue each stage of the VRU Champion Volunteer training programme he will achieve IAG L3 (Information, Advice and Guidance) qualification which will excel his opportunities to secure sustainable employment.

Daouda found the mentoring and barrier breaking support received from his Journey Guide and the Accelerate project very helpful and said it especially helped him transition and meet new people after moving from the USA.

He has developed a range of new skill and knowledge on how to efficiently communicate with people from different cultures and background.

Presently, Daouda has expressed that he will continue in his volunteering roles and is looking forward to learning more and developing more new skills and support others in his community. He aims to complete all levels of the Community Champion Award by December 2021.  Daouda feels more confident about finding a job thanks to the advice, support and training he was able to access through Accelerate into work. He has truly expanded his network and has gained more confidence and increased communication skills to continue to develop his contacts.  He told his JG that this experience has enabled him to develop a number of beautiful friendships and gain a deeper understanding of the British culture.