Community Business / Social Enterprise Case Studies

These case studies illustrate the wide range of social value being generated by social and community businesses across Coventry and Warwickshire.

ESH Community

Activities: ESH Community is a fully residential addiction treatment centre based in Warwickshire providing specialist alcohol and drug treatment including detoxification and rehabilitation support.

Vision: Provision of focussed personalised support by professional staff who have their own experience of addiction enabling our residents to achieve sustained ongoing recovery and a life free from addiction.

Mission: We are very clear about what makes a successful rehab and what makes it work for each and every individual resident – it’s the interaction between people, the staff, the individuals with the addiction problem, and their families and friends.

Impact: Improving the health and wellbeing of our residents enabling them to become productive members of the community. Rebuilding broken family units, reducing the stress and improving their overall health and wellbeing. Reducing crime and the drain on police resources and emergency services. Reduced cost for central healthcare services including A&E departments, GP practices and NHS. Reducing unemployment and reliance on benefits including housing support therefore reducing the overall local authority expense.

Support from CWCDA: Incorporation; governance; funding; sustainability and growth; business planning; commissioning and procurement

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