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Get access to a range of Social Enterprise tools to support your Social Enterprise/Community business tools.

Our online tools have been collated to help you to assist your organisation to develop and grow. Our advisors would be happy to support you in using the tools. This members’ area is only available for businesses across Coventry & Warwickshire.

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Business Planning

A detailed business plan template.

Project Outline

An aid to planning your projects.

Risk Register

Manage risk effectively with the use of this tool.

PEST Analysis

A strategic management tool to review factors that affect your organisation.

Building Personas

An aid to knowing your customer.

Impact Effort Matrix

A strategic planning tool to measure impact and effort.

Communications Plan

A communication plan used for events, campaigns and projects.

Skills Audit

Review your staff and/or boards skills.

A4 Business Plan

An A4 basic business plan template.

SWOT Analysis

Analyse your organisations current position including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

PESTLE Analysis

A strategic management tool to analyse the potential direction of the organisation.

Your Ideal Client

A guide and template to use in identifying your ideal client and customers. A useful tool for improving your marketing.