January 18, 2023

7 Feb 2023-Money, Money Maths (Saving Energy & The Planet)- Nuneaton

Money, Money Maths (Workshop 1)- Nuneaton

If you would like support to improve your maths and money skills, there are FREE workshops available to anyone in Warwickshire with less than a grade 2 qualification in maths Money, Money, Maths is a three workshop course available to anyone who wants to improve their money skills and understanding.

CWCDA- Money Money Maths Flyer

What: Workshop 1: Saving Energy & The Planet

Tips to save money on your bills
Accessing help with energy bills
Using less energy and costs of running different appliances

When: Tuesday, 7 February 2023.  10am to 12pm

Venue: Nuneaton Ropewalk Jobcentre, Unit 2, Ropewalk, Chapel St, Nuneaton CV11 5TZ

To find out more or to book onto the course visit our Money, Money, Maths page


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