January 26, 2023

Positive Feedback for the Ukrainian Working in Warwickshire Programme

“I was met by a wonderful lady and listened to the entire course of lectures and things became a lot clearer.”

It is lovely to be able to share positive feedback.

Support helps Ukrainians into work in Warwickshire

Almost 50 refugees forced out of their homeland in Ukraine have been supported to find work by a project delivered by Warwickshire County Council.CWCDA- Ukrainian Working in Warwickshire Programme workshop The Ukrainian Working in Warwickshire Programme was designed by the Warwickshire Skills Hub team to help Ukrainians to experience career opportunities open to them in Warwickshire. Its objective is to provide direct access to jobs which local employers have shaped in conjunction with the Skills Hub’s Fair Chance Employment Programme, which has proven to be an effective way to build inclusive jobs locally and boost engagement between Ukrainian jobseekers and employers who are tackling significant skills shortages.Working in delivery partnership with CWCDA and the Warwickshire Community Skills Hubs (based in Warwickshire Libraries), the collaboration offers Ukrainian residents the opportunity to easily access employment workshops such as A Guide to Employment In The UK, CVs and Applications and Interview Techniques as well as English speaking classes.

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